Francis Black (francisblack) wrote,
Francis Black

[Wrote this last night, but forgot to post it.]

Ah, weekends. I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed them.

While I was at work, the power went out for an hour or so. When I came back to my apartment here, I learned that the guy I mentioned in yesterday's post was dead. The landlord heard him yelling when the power went out and after he didn't answer his door, called the police. When the police arrived, they opened the door and looked inside. In his kitchen, all his food was stewn across the floor and they found his body inside the fridge. It seems that he did it himself, but nobody can figure out why.

The strangest thing is that I heard that the medics who picked up the corpse were confused as to when the man died. Although he was alive just a few hours ago, there were signs that he'd been dead for considerably longer. Creepy.

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