Francis Black (francisblack) wrote,
Francis Black

Occultech Public Safety Advisory

Arkham Beach

What is it?

On the Misktaonic river, only a short walk from campus, is a small beach, about 10 meters long. Curiously, it always seem to be a tropical summer on the beach, with a coconut tree growing on it, even in the middle of winter.

The beach appeared overnight some time in 1993, and nobody knows who or what is responsible. Many of the town's more superstitious residents treat it with distrust and avoid it, but it's proven to be extremely popular with the local student population.

Although it's probably the gateway to some unspeakable horror, and will have to be destroyed one day by this town's enterprising vigilantes, I find it a nice place to relax, so long as one avoids contemplating the incredibly detailed face that grows from the side of each of the coconuts, and seems to be frozen in a state of terror.

The students call it Jake.

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