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The Wolfsburg Files

Occultech Public Safety Advisory

The Wolfsburg Files

What is it? The Wolfsburg Files is a collection of police reports, photographs, testaments, copies of the various documents found in Dr Michael von Ulm's study and cellar, and anything else the publisher could get his hands on relating to Dr. von Ulm's studies and the events of July 7, 1917 in Wolfsburg.

The most common copy of the Wolfsburg files is an expurgated version, translated into English by Brian Weathers and published out of Arkham. In spite of the abysmal typesetting and shoddy binding, this version of the book is not dangerous on its own, except for its tendency to pique interest in Dr. von Ulm's research and lead the reader to seek out more complete copies of the Files.

Copies of the original German work are thankfully rare, but contain pages from Dr von Ulm's work that are missing in later printings and translations. Analysis of the book, however, indicates that vital information is missing. Also, the various police reports and witness testaments suggest that Dr. von Ulm's final experiment failed horribly, implying that his research was flawed. Attempting to reperform his experiments is ill-advised.

Where can I get a copy? A copy of the book was last seen in the possession of a young man in Canada. It's believed that he is currently possessed by a non-human entity after attempting to perform a ritual from the book.

What should I do if I find a copy? Burn it.

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