Francis Black (francisblack) wrote,
Francis Black

I've got everything moved in, but I have no phone service, so no internet. I'm typing this in a internet cafe downtown.

I've been in Arkham for two weeks now and am starting to get a feel for this place. In many ways, it seems to be different world. I've already commented on everybody's superstitions. I think the presense of the univeristy is partially responsible, as it draws people here who believe in these things, and then reinforces those beliefs. The city also has more "haunted" places than anywhere else I've seen.

They seem to have formed their own microcosm. Several special interest magazines cater almost exclusively to the Arkham crowd, and are quite successful.

Arkham is far from alone here, though. Before I moved here, I'd never heard of Dunwich or Innsmouth. Now I'm living next door to people from those towns, and if anything, they seem even more superstitious than the average Arkhamer.

Sometimes I wonder what I've walked into.

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